Birth Of Ayyappa

The Sage Durvasa who, by nature, was easily provoked to anger, once cursed the gods, with the result that they all grew gray and wrinkled. The disfigured gods felt very sad and wanted to regain their lost charm for which the only remedy was drinking ambrosia (‘amruth'). They gathered themselves in the beautiful plateau down the Mahameru to make plans to obtain the ambrosia. Lord Vishnu suggested that the gods and demons might join together and chum the ocean of Milk - 'Palazhi '- which would eventually yield the ambrosia. In spite of being the archenemies of the gods, the demons agreed to the scheme, hoping to gain immortality by drinking ambrosia. The churning of Palazhi started with the Mount Mandara as the churning rod and Vasuki, the king of serpents , as the churning cord. Holding either end of Vasuki the gods and the demons wrought for days tirelessly. A great deal of unforeseen events occurred during the process, but they did not give up. The unflinching determination combined with unyielding perseverance at last yielded result. The God Dhanvanthari emerged out of the -ocean holding aloft a white pot, which contained the ambrosia. No sooner did the greedy demons see the marvel, than they rushed to Dhanvanthar , snatched away the pot of nectar from him and disappeared into the underworld.

The gods were stupefied. They could do nothing, but to approach their saviour Maha Vishnu, who promised to find a way out of the predicament. Presently, he assumed the form of an enchantress of bewitching beauty (Mohini) and made his way to the underworld. There, Mohini found the demons quarrelling as to how they might distribute the ambrosia among them. The demons were seduced by Mohini with her captivating mien and manners and all of them set their hearts on her. Mohini offered to be wooed by the one most patient among them. She added that she would serve the nectar to each of them. She wanted them to blindfold themselves and promised that she would be wedded to the person who unfolded his eyes last. The foolish demons were not aware that they were being duped. They readily agreed and sat blindfolded awaiting their turn to be served with ambrosia. In the mean while, Mohini vanished out of the scene with the pot of ambrosia to the land of gods. The gods were pleased for they regained their lost charm.

The episode of Mohini happened to reach the ears of the Lord of Kailasa, Mahadeva. He was eager to see how Vishnu looked like in the form of Mohini, the enchantress. He hastened to Vaikunda, the abode of Maha Vishnu and expressed his intense desire to the Lord. Vishnu smiled awhile and soon disappeared. In no time Vaikunda was seen transformed into a garden of unparalleled beauty. The spring season had lavished upon the garden all its splendour and prosperity. Dancing peacocks, singing larks and twittering birds gave it an added charm. An air evoking sensual enjoyments prevailed. A damsel of ineffable beauty was seen playing with a ball. She seemed to be so much engrossed with the play that she had forgotten herself and become unaware that she was slowly being ripped off her outer garments by the gentle breeze. The dancing damsel moved her delicate steps little by little towards Mahadeva who couldn't resist his emotional excitement, which eventually resulted in His union with Mohini and hence the birth of an exceedingly effulgent boy, the unique blend of Saiva-Vaishnava splendour, the incarnation of Dharma Sastha or Taraka Brahma. The mankinds as well as the gods were jubilant because their saviour was born.

The newborn was taken to Kailasa and Mahadeva discharged His full obligations of duly bringing up A yyappa, as he was called