Malikappurath Amma

About a hundred meters away from the main temple towards north is the shrine of ‘Malikappurath Amma'. The devotees visit this shrine, but the door of the shrine remains closed. A trident and a lamp installed in front of the temple are worshipped. Instead of breaking the coconut, it is rolled along the ground. The other offerings presented are betal leaf, turmeric powder, silk cloth, saffron etc. Money is also offered.

In the vicinity of this temple, there is another small shrine for the Goddess known as ‘Malanada Bhagavathi' . Kanikka (money), gun shots and lighting of lamp are the offerings made to propitiate this goddess.

After the customary worships, the pilgrims feel fully satisfied and are on their return journey. They climb down the Pathinettampadi stepping backwards facing the Lord in deep adoration and contemplating a revisit in the next season.