Travel Guide to Sabarimala Temple

How to reach Sabarimala

VIA ROAD The oldest and the traditional form of itinerary for the Sabarimala pilgrimage is to reach Erumely before
proceeding to Pamba through the Mannarakulanji-Chalakkayam Road and trekking the forest road to reach the shrine.
The above mentioned route is a bit difficult and pilgrims who are not well should better avoid this route.

By Four Wheelers :

private vehicle are available from all the railway stations.Vehicles will wait at Pamba till your return from Sannidhanam.

The Parking has been changed and vehicles are stopped a couple of kilometers before Pamba from where you will have to start the trekking.

If your group is less than 3,You can even approach the auto-rickshaws and strike a deal.
Public Transport
The Kerala Govt: transport agency known as Kerala.State.Road.Transport.Corporation operates buses from Kottayam,Chengannur ,Tiruvalla railway stations .The buses will operate till Pamba.

Following are a few routes that could be adopted by devotees:

1.FROM PATHANAMTHITTA: Mannarakulanji, Vadasserikkara, Perunadu, Plappally, Nilakkal, Chalakkayam, Pamba. Distance: 69 km.

2.FROM THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: There are two routes:
a. Ayoor,Punalur, Pthanmathitta and Pamba. Distance: 184 km.
b. Kottarakkara, Adoor, Pathanmthitta. Distance: 179 km.

3.From Chenganoor: There are two routes to reach Pamaba from Chenganoor, the nearest railway station to Sabarimala:

a.Chenganoor-Aranmula-thekkemala-Pathanamthitta-Pamba. Distance: 93 km.

b.Chenganoor-Aranmula-Ranni Blockupadi-Vadasserikkara-Pamba. Distance:

4.From Kottayam: There are several routes to Pamba from Kottayam, one of the main transit points in the pilgrimage. The important five routes are the

Blockupadi-Vadasserikkara-Pamba. Distance: 119 km.

Perunadu-Pamba. Distance: 105 km.

nadu-Pamba. Distance: 104 km.

Distance: 100 km.

Distance: 90 km. This is one of the easiest routes to reach Pamba.

5.From Erumely: There are four routes to Pamba from Erumely.

a.Erumely-Karinkallum Moozhy-Thulappally-PLappally-Pamba.
Distance: 56 km.
Resort to this route only if you are coming by a light vehicle as the road is narrow and there are several steep climbs.

b.Erumely-Mukkada-Athikkayam-Perunadu-Pamba. Distance: 64km.

c.Erumely-Vechuchira-Athikkayam-Perunadu-Pamba. Distance: 57 km.

Distance: 69km.

6.From Pandalam: There are two routes to reach Pamba from Pandalam, the seat of royal family who adopted Lord Ayyappa. The devotee can see the thiruvabharanam, the set of ornaments of the lord, exhibited at the Pandalam palace.

Distance: 84 km.

Distance: 84 km.

7.From North Kerala: Devotees from northern part of KErala can reach Pamba without touching Kottayam. the main routes are:

Perunadu-Pamba. Distance: 146 km.

b.Through the same route one can also reach Ranny and then
Vadasserikkara-Pamba. Distance: 153 km.

Distance: 170 km.

8.From Tamil Nadu: The two main routes are:

a. Chengottai-Punalur-Pathanthitta-Pamba. Distance: 170 km.

b. Kumily-Vandiperiyar-Erumely-Plappally-Pamba. Distance: 180 km.

BY RAIL Train service is only available till the main towns of Pathanamthitta ,Alleppey and Kottayam district from where
the pilgrims will have to take the road route till Sabarimala.
For pilgrims who are visiting from all the indian states except Tamilnadu
Board a train to Kerala which has stops at Chengannur or Kottayam or Kayamkulam or Mavelikkara .
Alight at any of the above places , during the pilgrimage season there will be sufficient means of transport to Sabarimala from all of the 4 places mentioned above.
Kerala State Road Transport Corp. (K.S.R.T.C) operates buses till Pamba frequently from all the four places mentioned above .
Still we would recommend to alight either at Kottayam or Chengannur ,keeping in mind the frequency of buses and the availability of private transport facility from both the places .

For Pilgrims from Tamilnadu.
It depends on which part of Tamilnadu you are starting the journey .
For pilgrims from the northern part ,it would be comfortable to use the route specified above for all the other pilgrims i.e alighting at Chengannur or Kottayam and use other means of transport.
For pilgrims hailing from the southern region of Tamilnadu.they can enter Kerala and use the Chengottai route.(at the time of blogging this route is not operational)
From Tamil Nadu:

1. Sencottai - Punalur - Pathanamthi --170 Kms.

2. Kumali - Vandiperiyar - Erumeli - Plappalli --180 Kms.

Nearby Railway Stations:
1. Chengannur
2. Kottayam
3. Changanasseri
4. Thiruvalla
Nearby Airports:
Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi

Important Instructions for travel to Sabarimala :

There aren't any fuel stations on Vadasserikkara-Pamba route. Fill your tanks and store enough quantities at Vadasserikkara. Though a fuel station is functioning at Pamba, availability of petrol and diesel cannot be ensured.
If your vehicle has any minor repairs kindly repair it before you enter the ghat section. You cannot find workshops at all places
There are many workshops at Erumely, Pathanamthitta, Vadasserikkara, etc.
MUST: Keep important spare parts and tool kit with you. And don't forget that extra tyre